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Friday, June 8, 2012

Five Find Friday

Here are some of the places I've been hanging out this week.

1.  I just discovered the website  Oh my gosh, some of the signs and notes are hilarious.  If your need a good laugh or just want to kill some time, definitely visit.

The 2012 PAN Page-a-Day Calendar!

2. I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes.  Well, check out Calvin and Bacon, based on, or maybe more of a fan's continuation of Calvin and Hobbes.  There are only 4 strips by Pants are Overrated, but I love them and hope there are more in the near future.  Click on the link and after you read the comic, go to the bottom of the page and click on newer entries to read the rest.

Find it here

3.  I absolutely love Elsie Larson's blog A Beautiful Mess.  She always has such fun outfits and the photography is beautiful.  Plus she has projects, decor and beauty tips.  Here is a sampling (all images belong to her):
Polka dots 16a00d8358081ff69e2013488c5a066970c-800wi
YarnFishTailHanging Basket Garden DIY

4.  I bought my son a bento box to carry his lunch to daycare.  He refuses to eat his lunch on most days, even if it's something he loves at home.  I love the ideas on Parent Map.  Below are some of my favs which can be found here.
Pirate bento box lunch by Bento Lunch
Teddy bear bento box lunch by Bento Monsters
Domokun Sandwich bento box lunch by Happy Little Bento

5.  Speaking of my son, I just found the coolest thing I want to do with him.  All it takes is a bar of Ivory soap and a microwave and you get this:

Go here to find it on Our Best Bites (photo belongs to them).

Well, that's my five finds for this friday.  I hope you have a great weekend!

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