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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

{Christmas Activities and Crafts for Children} A Round-Up

Today I'm providing links to over 300 Christmas crafts to do with you kiddos.  

Most of my "treats" in our Advent Calendar are activities.  Here are some of the ones I am doing, plus a list of a bunch more to keep your kiddos (and you) busy during the month of December.

Snow Globe via Martha Stewart

Create a Winter Wonderland in a Jar

Go HERE for 30+ Christmas crafts for kids by Martha Stewart.

A Sock Snowman via About A Mom

How to Make a Sock Snowman - About A Mom

Hand Print Santa via Crafty-Crafted

Pom-pom Christmas tree via Kaboose

Go HERE to see 80+ Christmas crafts for kids at Kaboose.

Candy cane heart via Activity Village.

Candy cane heart craft

Go HERE for 50+ Christmas crafts for kids at Activity Village.

Handprint Christmas tree via All Kids Network.

handprint christmas trees craft

Go HERE for 20+ crafts at All Kids Network.

Angel ornament via Amazing Moms.

angel Christmas ornament

Amazing Mom has 20+ crafts HERE.

Light bulb Santa via Kinder Art.

Kinder Art has 60+ activities and crafts for kids HERE.

Stained glass jars via First Palette.

Stained Glass Jars craft

First Palette has 30+ craft ideas HERE.

Candy car via Busy Bee Kids Crafts.

Busy Bee Kids Crafts has 35+ more crafts HERE.

If those aren't enough to keep you busy, then check out these boards* on Pinterest:

*If any of these boards are yours and you would like them removed, please let me know in the comments.

In the next couple of days I will show you some of the crafts I am doing with my 3 yr old.  We haven't gotten a lot done this week because we got a dog and she is getting all of Jax's attention.  He doesn't even want to do "crabs", AKA crafts.

Thanks for stopping by.  If you have a favorite list of Christmas crafts for kids, please leave the link in the comments.


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