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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Random Facts About Me

I've been super busy lately with work (I work with juvenile delinquents, yay) and home (I have a 2 1/2 yr old, can I get an amen) and I have been struggling with what I want to do with this blog.  While I'm thinking about what direction I want to take, here are some random facts about me.

1.  I love Popeyes Chicken

2.  Sweet tea is my drink of choice (Dr. Pepper a close 2nd)

3.  I used to sing a lot.  From a young child through college.

4.  I like trying to make my own jewelry (try being the operative word).

5.  I think Phineas and Ferb are so funny.

6.  I think spiders are horrific.

7.  I have watched the Lord of The Rings trilogy at least 100 times, probably more.

8.  I like my wine red and sweet.  Is it in a box, well that's great with me.

9.  I have step-children:  a daughter who is almost 18 and a son who is almost 21.  They are wonderful and live too far away.

10. I want to start a small organic farm on my property with cows, chickens, goats  and a huge garden.

Thanks for stopping by, and let me know something random about you in the comments!


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