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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Stockings from Sweater and Fleece Baby Blanket

I have been seeing such cute pillows all over the blogosphere.  You know, the ones made out of sweaters?

Well, I noticed the other day I had forgotten to put our Christmas stockings up.  I dug around and couldn't find our old ones, and I kinda remember, in the back of my head, thinking that I may have thrown them away last Christmas because they were pretty sad looking.

Money is tight, so I though I would make some.  Now back to the sweater pillows.  They were my inspiration.  I thought, "Now why can't I use a sweater to make stockings?"  Plus I have a red sweater that my mom gave me (that someone gave her) and it has these tassels hanging off the cuff that get in the way and are generally annoying. So, I started with this sweater:

I planned on using the sweater for the outer part of the stocking and was using an old fleece baby blanket for the lining.

I used Google and searched for stocking patterns.  You can find my search HERE.  I settled on THIS from Debbie Colgrove over at (sewing).  (Once you get to that page, the pattern link is on the 5th line of the instructions.)

I didn't use the top part of the pattern and I shortened it a bit.  You don't even have to use a pattern, just draw it free hand.  (I use a pattern because I can not draw.  Not even a simple sock.)

So, I used my pattern and cut out 3 stockings from the sweater and sewed the first one up.  Oh. My. Goodness.  It was ugly!  I scrapped that and cut out 3 stockings from the fleece blanket (sorry, I didn't get a picture before I cut it).  It was just a generic baby blanket that I picked up at a re-sale shop when my son was a baby.  I have a ton of them and kept them all because I just knew I could use them for something.   ;)

I sticked them up and turned them inside out.

Then I cut the tassels from the sweater leaving enough material to hold them together.  I just hot glued them to the top edge of the stockings and voila:

So, even though the sweater material didn't work as planned, I still love how they turned out.  AND, they only took about 15 minutes to make!

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