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Friday, January 18, 2013

{Arkansas Blizzard}

We don't usually hear the words "Blizzard Advisory" when we listen to the weather in Arkansas.  However, we did, indeed, get a blizzard the day after Christmas.  It started snowing Christmas night and continued all through the night.  We woke up to a gorgeous blanket of snow.  It snowed once last year and my son played it it, but it doesn't remember.  He had a blast!

I know I'm late posting these pictures, but I wanted to share.

Mom volunteered to show Jaxon how to make snow angels.  He thought that was pretty fun.

The snow was deep enough in some spots to almost cover Jaxon's boots.

Our electricity went off early that morning, around 2am.  Everyone near us were without electricity.  We didn't want to get out on the road and were tired of eating cold sandwiches, so . . . . .

My husband started a campfire and we warmed up some vegetable-beef soup I had made the day before.  It had rained, then sleeted (is that a word?) before it snowed, so there was no kindling and our firewood was wet.  He dragged a semi-dry pallet out and used it for kindling.  That got some of our wood burning.  We were so happy to eat hot soup.  Plus, it was so dang cold.  We enjoyed sitting around the fire just to keep warm.

So, have you posted pictures of a recent blizzard/snowfall.  I would love to see them.  Post a link in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Natosha,
    I am from Jamaica and have never experienced snow but I think it is so beautiful. Your pictures are great! Thanks for becoming a Follower of my Blog. I am happy to follow back.
    Judy - Judy H-J's Thoughts

  2. Following you back from the Aloha blog hop..WOW! You got more snow than we've had all winter which is hilarious considering I live in the Northeast..

    1. Thank you! I know, right? We never get that much snow dumped all at once. Even with the electricity going out, I loved it.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now following you back! I love the pictures. I will live vicariously through you, as it's about 72 here in Florida tonight ;) Enjoy!
    The Eyes of a Boy

    1. Hi Melissa! Thanks for the follow back. I could use some of that Florida sunshine.

  4. I totally miss the snow! Being in Hawaii, there's definitely no snow here. I miss looking at trees like the ones you posted, all regal and covered in snow. Found you via the Aloha Friday Hop. Feel free to stop by:

    1. H Tamara, thanks for the follow. I am following you back!

  5. These pictures remind me of when I saw snow for the first time. They are some beautiful shots and you and your family look like you all had a great time!!! It is a sharp contrast to when I am accustom to here in Trinidad.
    I am following you now and would love for you to follow along.

  6. Wow!!! these photos are beautiful! I tried to comment on your valentines day kid crafts post, but for some reason I couldn't.

    Anyhoo, I love the "I dig you" craft idea and the one with the gold fish… I think my daughter would enjoy both of those.

    Following from the blog hop
    many blessings
    Maya D