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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Easy Yard Upgrade with Spray Paint

My mom recently gave her yard decor an upgrade with spray paint.  Besides looking instantly better, it's super quick and easy.  Just pick your item, grab your favorite color and spray.  Sorry I don't have any before pictures, because mom didn't tell me her plans.  But I think most of the items she painted were pretty weathered (rusting metal).  So, here's what she did:

Cute chair plant stand painted purple

Look what's sitting on it . . .


Now this is supposed to have a potted plant or flower sitting in it, but my mom is a little quirky (that's where I got it).

Yep, that's a bowling ball.

I should have taken this photo in the morning to get the pretty silver paint better.

Metallic Silver Sundial

I like that she painted the bird red:


Mom painted this birdcage white for me to use on my apartment balcony last Christmas.  Now it's hanging on her shepherd's hook.

Here it is at dusk:

And since I didn't get a night photo, here it is on the balcony at my old apartment last Christmas:

And the best for last, my beautiful momma:

What have you spray-painted lately?  Post a link in the comments - I would love to see.

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