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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Framed Earring Holder/Display

Back before I discovered Pinterest, I found a cool way to store and display my earrings, but I can't remember the website.  Well, after I made the project I Googled it and there are tons of DIY tutorials out there.  And the super cool thing is - you can use all kinds of materials to make it.

Here's what I used:
animal fencing
heavy duty stapler and staples 
old wooden frame
wire cutters
spray paint

I have to confess I pilfered everything but the spray paint from my parents shed.  :O)  I used teal and metallic gold paint because I hope to, one day, use them as accent colors in my bedroom or bathroom.

Here is how it turned out:
(please ignore the ugly red paint, renters did that and it's a WHOLE different project.)

Here's a close-up of the wire, painted gold.

Here's where you can go to get inspiration and complete tutorials:

found here
found at Curiouser and Curiouser
found at The Thing About Daisies

You can also use lace:
found here by Trey and Lucy

Or how about using plastic canvas?

found here by A Girl and a Glue Gun

And this one uses a decorator radiator grate?!
found here by IHeart Organizing
So, what odds and ends have you got laying around the house/garage/shed that you could use to make your very own, original earring holder?  Let me know!

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