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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

{The Vocabulary of a Three Year Old}

My son, Jaxon (pronounced Jackson), turned three on Thanksgiving.  He started talking late, but once he did - whew, that kid talks non-stop.  Lately he's been using words that we don't use at our house.  They aren't necessarily "bad" words.  We are just surprised to hear them.

Jaxon's new words:

Hate - He said "I hate (insert friend's name)."  This one got me a little upset.  I asked him where he learned that word.  He just kept saying it.  I told him that is a strong word.  Strong in a bad way and he shouldn't use it.  His response:  ignoring me.  I dropped it and just hope it doesn't come up again in the near future.

Girlfriend - He said something about someone having a girlfriend.  He's in preschool.  Do they talk about girlfriends?  Maybe one of his teachers is someone's girlfriend.  I don't know.

Little Lady - I was sitting in our bedroom floor waiting to play with him.  Jaxon walks up to me and hands me a toy, saying "Here you go little lady."  I just about fell over laughing.

Butt - He is obsessed with this word.  We try to say bottom or behind.  I know we slip every once in a while.  This past Sunday, we went to Quizno's to eat before doing our grocery shopping.  He stood up in his chair and started singing and dancing.  What was he singing?  "Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle your butt.  Butt. Butt.  Wiggle, wiggle."  All the while, he was wiggling his butt.  I have to admit I really did want to laugh, because he's pretty darn cute wiggling, but I'm not sure he should have been singing about his butt that loud in public.

What are your kids saying that makes you laugh or cringe?  I would love to hear your stories in the comments.

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