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Thursday, April 18, 2013

{Dandelion Greens Smoothie Recipe}

I wanted to share a easy smoothie recipe I made this morning using some dandelion greens I got the other day at Whole Foods.

2 cups whole goat's milk (you can use any liquid you like)
Frozen mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries)
scoop of protein powder
1 cup of dandelion greens, torn or chopped
1 whole banana
drizzle of honey

Blend until smooth.  I would have added baby spinach, but I was out.  The dandelion greens are bitter, so next time I would do 1/2 dandelion and 1/2 spinach.  But it wasn't so bitter I couldn't drink it.  Now that is some nutrition in a glass.

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the finished product.

What is your favorite smoothie recipe?

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  1. I have never tried dandelion greens, but I have heard they are great:) I will have to try this recipe for sure!

  2. Not sure how I feel about the dandelion greens. Do you use them a lot?

    1. This is the first time I've used them myself. They are bitter so I am going to vut the amount in half and use some spinach or kale. Despite the bitter, I drank the whole thing and was not hungry until late afternoon.

  3. I am a smoothie freak! But I have never tried dandelion greens before nor goat milk. It is always nice to find out what others are using in their smoothies. I think this is the first time I visited your blog, from the Aloha hop new follower
    Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose

  4. My first visit, too. Interesting post and beautiful blog! Also a new follower from Aloha Friday blog hop :)

  5. I've had spinach, kale, broccoli and wheat grass green smoothies, but none with dandelions. Guess I'm giving this one a try too! :) Looks yummy!