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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 1: The Story of My Life In 250 Words or Less {Blog Every Day in May Challenge}

Day 1:  The Story of My Life In 250 Words or Less

So, while reading through the list of blogs I follow, I stumbled upon Jenni at Story of My Life.  She issued a challenge to bloggers to blog every day in May.  If you want to participate, go HERE for a complete list of daily prompts.

So, I was born in Searcy, Arkansas in 1971.  (Yeah, I'll be 42 on the 7th.)  I went to elementary and high school in a tiny community outside of Searcy.  There were 8 kids in my graduating class.  I was the only girl. That's a whole other story.

I went to college at Williams Baptist College in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas.  I received my B.S. in Psychology with an emphasis in counseling.  I moved to Abilene Texas where I began graduate school at Hardin-Simmons University.  I didn't finish.  Wish I had.

Moved back to Arkansas, got married to my college sweetheart.  Got divorced.  Very sad time.  

I have worked at Wal-Mart, an office and school supply store, 2 battered women's shelters, a foster family agency, 2 hospitals, a dialysis clinic, and a non-profit community services clinic.

I met Mike and we moved to California where we I lived in Kelseyville for five years.  I was a social worker for a foster family agency.  I worked with foster children and certified foster homes.   I got pregnant in 2009 and had our son Jaxon on 11/24/09.

We moved back to Arkansas to take care of my parents.  I worked at my uncle's wholesale florist until I got my job as a caseworker for juvenile delinquents.  So now I work with kids involved with the court.  I manage community service, install ankle monitors and help kids getting out of youth prison.  

My son is 3 1/2, we live out in the country.  When I have time I love to craft, DIY and cook.  I'm pretty sure I went over 250 words!

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  1. It is cool to learn about you! I work in a similar field in Springfield, MO (I work overnight in a state- and private-funded group home).

    1. Hi Melody! When I worked at the battered women's shelters, I worked overnights. Brutal, but rewarding.