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Thursday, May 9, 2013

I'm Afraid of Not Leaving A Legacy

Hello friends!  Today is my birthday!  Yay!  I am 42 today.  I wish you were here at the office because I brought donuts to celebrate.  Ok, enough of that.

Today is day 7 of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge.

Day 7:  The thing(s) you are most afraid of:

I am deathly afraid of spiders.

I am also afraid I will not leave behind a legacy of goodness.  This world is full of darkness, pain and suffering.  My biggest fear is not being a big enough light.  Of not raising my son to do the same.  I don't care if I am personally remembered.  I just want to do enough, listen enough, love enough to change peoples lives and hopefully change the world.  Even just a little.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Haha love the quote.

  2. That is a funny quote...but I agree with you on the fear of not leaving a legacy. ...and happy belated birthday!
    Eva @ Snappee Turtle