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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Does Anyone Else Miss Their Kiddos?

School started here on Monday and I already miss my kiddo, lol.  My son, Jaxon, started 1st grade this year.  I was so ready for him to go back to school.  I was about to go crazy if I had to hear about one more cool game on Roblox.  But he's only been in school for four days and I'm finding myself repeatedly looking at the clock around 3pm.  

Jaxon just missed the cut-off date for starting school the year before last, so he started Kindergarten a year late.  He turned six just a couple of months after school started.  No big deal though.  He has a lot of attention issues so I felt it was good.

Here he is last year:

And, here he is this year:

He can't be bothered to stand up.

He grew almost two inches in a year!  He's got tall genes from both sides of the family, so I hope he's over six foot.  I'm not working right now and we needed some help from friends to get school supplies.  We were (and are) blessed.  Two friends sent us paper, pencils, etc, one friend sent a backpack and a sweet couple  went to high school with brought over a bag of clothing and a pair of shoes.  My sis-in-law and brother are contributing towards a winter coat and my sister is picking my son up from school on most afternoons.  I have amazing friends and family.

So . . . Do you miss your kiddos yet?  Tell me I'm not alone in the comments!

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  1. I'm so glad you're blogging, Natosha. I can't believe how much he's changed since I saw him a few months ago. Man, do I ever see Jude in him.

    I miss my grown kiddos like crazy...all the time. They're out of my sight for weeks at a time, and I'm so blessed in that it's not longer than that. Some people's kids live states, if not continents away. Of course I trust them, and know they love me(us!!). They have amazing and busy lives. Thankfully, the separation is gradual. I had to learn to not lose myself in my kids and live the full life I'm called to live by my Father. What a blessing our children are, and if we're paying attention, we can hear God's heart for us, as we are made in His image.