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Monday, October 13, 2014

Horror Movie Survival Kit with Man Crates

So, I was challenged by Man Crates to create a list of items I would want if I were trapped in a horror movie.  What is Man Crates, you ask?  Well, let me tell you.

Man Crates is an awesomely creative company that specializes in gifts for men.  And get this, the gifts are delivered in a wooden crate that your guy gets to open with a crowbar.  How fun!  They have crates for the carnivore, survivalist, beer lover, gamer and more.  Man Crates also has a handy horror movie survival guide for you:

On to the challenge!  I love The Walking Dead and basically any zombie movie, so that will be the survival kit I will be putting together.  Here is my list of essential zombie survival gear:

1.  1st Aid kit with guaze, sterile pads, antibiotic cream, scavenged antibiotics, pain meds and sutures.

2.  An outdoor survival guide, because c'mon, I'm never gonna remember all that stuff.

3.  Tarp, rope and lightweight sleeping bag.

4.  Shotgun and shells, because you don't have to have that good of an aim with one of these suckers.

5.  Heavy-duty knife.

6.  French coffee press.  What?  I need to be caffeinated to deal.

7.  Kinetic flashlight.

8.  Energy and/or granola bars.

9.  A backpack to put it all in.

There you go.  That would be my basic kit.  Food and other handy items would come and go.

What items would you put in your horror movie survival kit?

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